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Web Analytics & SEO Tools in a Single Package

GoingUp! provides first class web site analytics and seo tools for your website. With GoingUp!, it's simple to track visitors, monitor sales, see conversion rates, and improve your search strategies. GoingUp! offers the most complete analytics around.

GoingUp! aims to put all the tools to improve your website's performance in one easy to use place... GoingUp! offers the "complete" picture of your website that no other web analytics package offers. Are you GoingUp? Get started now or view a live demo!

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    Site Overview

    What used to take many by-hand searches is now at your fingertips. The "Site Overview" shows at-a-glace how your website is performing. See a summary of total visitors and page views, graphs of Google & Alexa Ranking, Inbound links on the top search engines, keyword positions and total search content.

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    Traffic Details

    Traffic is broken down in to over a dozen reports from visitors, page views, keywords, visitor locations and much more. Use these reports to see where your traffic is coming from and if you are increasing or decreasing.

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    Web Site Actions

    Actions are powerful, self-created items to gauges specific metrics about your site. With four ways to track, you'll easily monitor sales, downloads of a software program, or even newsletter subscribes, the choice is yours!

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    Ranking Data

    One of the unique parts of GoingUp! is the ability to track, over time various search metrics. From total inbound links, page rank, even keyword positions. With GoingUp! you'll know exactly how your site is performing over time.

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    SEO Tools

    With our SEO Tools, you'll be able to optimize pages and even save them for later analysis. Get hints and tips for making your pages SEO ready from keywords and titles and specific content density. We're just getting started and there's MUCH more to come!

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    Keyword Tag Clouds

    This experimental service provides a visual representation of the most popular keywords on your site in a popular "tag cloud" format. Largest words are the most popular. GoingUp! automatically links those words to the most landed destination based on those keywords.

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    Heat Maps

    Where are users clicking on your pages? Heat Maps provide a "thermal" look at the most popular regions of your page. Are your visitors clicking the places you want them to? Use the data you learn to optimize your pages for your audience!

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GoingUp! Extras

If you run Word Press, Blogger or Simple Machines Forums, you may want to visit our Plug-Ins to learn how to install GoingUp!

Developer API

If you are a programmer and want to integrate GoingUp! in to your own solution, check out our Developer API.

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